Murphy Beds

Whatever the need or the space, Murphy Wall-Beds can open new options in your home. Offered in many sizes and configurations, these versatile workhorses can be completely customized in your choice of wood, style and finish. You can add display or storage spaces, and dress it up as much or as little as you please. Unlike sofa beds and futons, Murphy Beds don’t use a folding mattress so there are no bars or lumps to sleep on. Use any mattress up to 11″ thick for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

The process of creating your own unique Murphy Bed begins with the proven, sturdy Murphy mechanism.  Offering fingertip operation, it’s sleek, counterbalanced and spring-loaded for minimal effort.  Choose the almost limitless range of Showplace wood, style and finish options.  Add cabinets to the sides for storage and display.  Place an open cabinet above a horizontal bed and give your flat screen an elegant home.  Top off the creation with valances and moldings.  In the end, you’ll have transformed unused space into an outstanding home feature!